Welcome! This is "why" we're here

The purpose of Empowering Menstrual Health is to provide a container of information and knowledge around optimizing your relationship to your menstrual cycle, and ultimately, your life. This course has been created in such a way that is downloadable and digestible for all levels of learning, if you are ready to live more holistically and aligned with your body, you will greatly benefit from all that this course encompasses.

Learn how to heal within your Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is your "rest and digest" state through:

  • Food and water as medicine
  • Vaginal "Yoni" Steaming
  • Shifting your mindset and incorporating a ceremony around your Moon cycle
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Movement and Breathwork
  • Essential oils to support your body, mind, and emotions.

We are more than happy to offer individual support throughout this process. You may mail us at [email protected]

To learn more about what we offer, please visit www.purplelot.us


In the comments below, please share with us your name and a little bit about who you are. Include where you're from, and why you felt called to participate in this course, as well as any interests, hobbies, passions, or interesting facts about you.